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Frequently Asked Questions
Rochester Heating and Air Conditioning is available to help with your service needs. You can depend on our professional air conditioning and heating repair service what ever the problem with your system. Whether you need help with your air conditioning or heating systems, we provide service in Metro Louisville and the nearby surrounding areas.

How much does it cost?
Cost depends on a lot of factors. If you choose us there will be an $80.00 diagnostic fee for service call, and we always present you with a written estimate before initiating the work we find that needs to be done. Please bear in mind that because there are so many specifics, giving an estimate over the phone is difficult.

What can you do?
We know that all of our customers have unique needs. Whether it's installation, maintenance or repair, commercial or residential, special filters, zoning, work on your heater or air conditioner, improving air quality or lowering your monthly bills. We do it all!

Are you insured?
Absolutely. We take our commitment to service excellence seriously. It's why all our workers, vehicles and equipment are insured. We also have liability coverage for on-site work.

Are you licensed?
Yes, we are licensed by the state of Kentucky, (posted below), and we'll even show customers our license upon request. It is always advisable to ask any service technician for thier license.

     Kentucky HVAC Master Contractor
     License # HM04962

     Kentucky Journeyman HVAC Mechanic
     License # HJ12184

What's important to look for in indoor air systems?
Efficient furnaces or air conditioners and reliable temperatures are just one side of the coin. That's where we start. Having the right humidity will also increase comfort and do less damage to your home. Lower humidity in the summer so it isn't sticky and more in the winter. We can work with you and figure out how to make a more comfortable indoor environment.

How is air conditioning efficiency rated?
Each air conditioner comes with what's called a SEER rating. They start at 13 and go up to 21 from there. The SEER rating will tell you how efficient (and cost-effective) the air conditioner is. We can work with you to get the most efficient machine for your needs.

How do I lower my bills?
You want the properly sized furnace or air conditioner for your home or office. But it has to be energy efficient and a machine that's too big switches on and off continually to compensate. That means you're wasting energy in the process. We can help you find the optimum-sized furnace or air conditioner for your needs.

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